The 12 Best IT Online Certifications in 2024

This nine-month IT online certification will see you gain an overview of the field to get your IT career off the ground. With its range of unique electives, you can get an overview before deciding on your specialized area for further study. This comprehensive course will equip you with all the essential knowledge and skills needed to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close IT projects across various sectors. You’ll also end the course with a certificate of completion which is bound to catch the eye of any hiring manager. Nurture your inner tech pro with personalized guidance from not one, but two industry experts.

Which is the best IT courses

Note that this cert should not be confused with the Google Cloud – Professional Data Engineer certificate, detailed below. Another new entrant is the Google Cloud – Professional Cloud Database Engineer certificate. It’s another of the four Google Cloud certifications on this list, and it focuses specifically on databases and how to deploy and manage them on Google’s platform. To take the exam, you need two years of Google Cloud experience and five years of overall IT and database experience (although these can overlap).

EdX’s IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Programming

IT online certifications are a great way to boost your career by learning new skills or expanding upon existing ones—and it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, either. This career-change IT online certification is perfect for those who prefer autonomous, self-paced learning—but also like to be kept on track with structured modules. You’ll also work with a mentor, tutor, and career change specialist who’ll keep you on track on the road to landing your first data role; the program comes with a job guarantee, after all. Are you looking for a way to supercharge your career and stand out in the IT job market? You could join classes or attend workshops—but as the market gets more competitive, more tech professionals are choosing IT online certifications.

The Mean Full Stack Developer course is a great way to learn the latest IT technologies, such as JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, Docker, and Protractor. Learning SQL is sure to put you in a better position when searching for career opportunities, and plenty of online resources are available to get started immediately. In addition, at the end of the course, students write automated scripts to solve complex coding problems – vital for any successful business or IT professional looking to stay competitive. You will find the easiest online IT course experience in unmonitored video courses. If you plan to work at a slow pace and wish to work without the disturbance of deadlines, check our recommendations for courses at Udemy, Coursera, and YouTube.

Google Cloud – Professional Cloud Architect ($200,

For example, you can learn to assemble computers, set up wireless networks, and work with software installation. Additionally, you will practice customer service etiquette, problem-solving strategies, and debugging expertise for end-to-end technical support. This course is also offered by UPValenciaX and is part of their Fundamentals for Business Professionals program. You can enroll in it for free, or pay $75 to receive a verified certificate when you’re done.

This course contains 1.5 hours of content broken down into 32 lectures, making this the shortest course on our list. You’ll get an overview of jobs in the IT industry, including UX designers, system administrators, and project managers. Then, you’ll cover cloud and IoT technology, programming languages, and development methodologies.

Basic Ranking Criteria

Most of these resources also offer a certificate that can enhance your resume as you search for a new job in your chosen area. The median annual wage for computer network architects is $120,520, according to the BLS in May 2021. IT support specialists fix computers, software, and networks for companies and individuals.

Which is the best IT courses

The exam assesses your ability to plan, set up, configure, implement, and deploy IT solutions on the Google Cloud platform using both the console tools and the command line. If you make the grade, you’ll not only prove that you have the many skills needed to work with Google Cloud, but you can expect to command an average salary of $161,075. Ongoing professional development is a must for advancing any career, and that goes double for IT professionals. According to Spiceworks Ziff Davis’ 2024 State of IT Report, 63% of hiring managers at the director level and above said finding and hiring skilled IT talent was difficult. That’s why, if you want to make the leap to a higher-paying role, it’s important not just to acquire new skills; you must also prove to your prospective employer that you have them.

Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies

Google IT Automation with Python is the best online IT certification available, thanks to its focus on real-world skills and hands-on learning. Unlike some of the courses on this list, this is one of those information technology courses online that requires real hands-on lab work, so you’ll need to find a local Cisco academy in your area. If you don’t want a specific Python course, this one will start you with the basics, including syntax, functions, data types, and libraries. Then, you will can use pandas to manipulate data, and matplotlib to produce graphs and plots. This course comprises the DataCamp Python Programmer and Data Analyst tracks.

The Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) is aimed at individuals who are skilled in data privacy regulations and solutions. The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) offers the certification. Once completed, applicants will become official Salesforce Certified Development Life Cycle & Deployment Designers. They’ll be qualified to design, build, test, and deploy scalable applications on the Salesforce platform. The Certified Data Professional (CDP) is a widely respected credential in the data world. Being CDP qualified showcases a mastery of the core concepts of modern data management, and a working knowledge of the latest data technologies and trends.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

You’ll also get to grips with important topics like compliance and threat intelligence, which are crucial in this ever-evolving field. Information security analysts protect a company’s computer network and data from hackers and data breaches. Many of these professionals also practice attacking their clients’ software systems to find vulnerabilities they need to address to ensure privacy. partnership with Gyfted Individuals who work as information security analysts earn a median salary of $102,600, according to the BLS. This edX course is offered by the University of Washington, which may lend it extra credibility when adding it to your resume. It comes with a high price tag ($537.30), but you’ll get a UWashingtonX IT Project Management Professional Certificate when you’re done.

  • Meaning you will have access to real and up-to-date answers – something not many of the other online IT certifications offer.
  • Others contain multiple modules and are designed to take several weeks or months.
  • If you’re ready for a new career in IT but prefer a more traditional learning environment, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our guide to the best IT certifications.
  • You can also obtain different CDP certifications based on your experience, starting with the foundation (entry-level) and ending with executive management (expert level).
  • The course includes interactive sessions, live projects, and assessments that can help you understand coding and computing with SQL databases.

It is critical to understand their use and how they interact with each other (and JavaScript). This course is aimed at professionals who work alongside software developers, including those in managerial and administrative positions. This course is ideal for those who are already IT professionals, but want to deepen their skill sets in the areas of project and program management. Most of the courses on our list don’t require you to have any prior IT experience, but some working knowledge of the industry may help. Be aware that you’ll need five years of real-world experience to pass the exam, and you must accrue continuing education credits each year to maintain your credential.

IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Programming

With a growing number of companies relying on cloud computing to store data, pursuing a job as a cloud computing specialist is a surefire way to future-proof your career. But to land your first role, you need to learn everything there is about the Cloud—and Google’s foundational Cloud Certification is a great place to start. The course includes interactive sessions, live projects, and assessments that can help you understand coding and computing with SQL databases. Also, it offers IT certifications recognized by top employers, which could open doors to better job opportunities. The demand for experienced cybersecurity specialists is expanding as digital technology becomes more pervasive in our daily lives. However, this disparity’s size is quite considerable, according to recent CyberSeek research.

Which is the best IT courses